What is Makeit2Medicine?

Makeit2Medicine is a branch of M2MProjects.

M2MProjects is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (charity number: 1153610)

M2MProjects' mission is to improve access to medical education (also see Medics2Mongolia).

Makeit2Medicine provides educational workshops and interviews in schools and colleges to help students apply for medical school.

How do we help people get into medical school?

We provide medical application workshops targeted at school and college students to raise aspirations of students from all backgrounds, challenge stereotypes and provide inspiration for a successful medical application.

Why choose Makeit2Medicine?

•    Free to the student
•    Delivered by medical students, who have recently undertaken the application process themselves
•    Delivered in your school (register your schools interest here)
•    Flexible workshops, tailored to your needs
•    Small cost to the school, rejuvenated in our unique social enterprise where the surplus is channeled into our charitable efforts - medical electives and English teaching lessons in Mongolia (Medics2Mongolia as part of M2MProjects),

Why improve access to a medical education?

We believe it is important to improve the diversity of medical schools and the medical profession to reflect the wider society. In recent years there has been an improvement in the ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and age disparities however according to the British Medical Journal “medicine remained in the grip of the middle class”(1). The Selection for Excellence report in 2014 demonstrated that 80% of all UK medical schools stem from only 20% of schools (2). The British Medical Association Equal Opportunities Committee found that students from parents of “higher managerial and professional occupations” were twice as likely to have a successful application to medicine than those of any other socioeconomic class (31% versus 16% respectively). The report recognised that state school or underprivileged students were likely to be less familial with the medical application process and interview preparation. According to qualitative research many of these children see medicine for “posh people” and psychologically exclude themselves from an early age (3).


1) Assembly / School

  • Personal Statement Talk
    • Includes advice on what to include, how to sell yourself and how to write to help you in your interview.  Tips on how to boost your CV and work experience. 
  • BMAT/UK CAT advice
    • Up-to-date advice on the exam, choosing the right university and strategically choosing your top four university places on UCAS.
  • Case Based Examples
    • Student led, small group sessions on acute and chronic surgical and medical cases, using interactive case run throughs, for example a crash call, to simulate real situations. These sessions are vitally relevant at interview. 
  • Interview Advice
    • Skills tailored to a medical school entrance interview, but applicable in any other interview scenario. Teaching on up-to-date medical information that will feature in interviews. 

2) Introduction to Ethics & how to answer Ethical questions

  • Ethical questions will be asked in medical school interviews. We offer an introduction to medical ethics and short interactive tests to encourage students to think about ethics in medical scenarios. 

3) Guest speaker; A Junior Doctor- a day in the life & medical career pathways

  • Students get the chance to hear what its really like to work in a hospital. Juniors will also talk about the careers open to aspiring medics as well as discuss life as a junior doctor. 

4) Personal statement review

  • Our staff will individually assess personal statements, giving feedback and advice on their application. 

5) Interview Role-plays

  • Students will face a medical student and be asked a series of questions based on real questions experienced by our staff at interview, as well as up to date news topics. Feedback will be given based on structures used to judge medical school applicants at interview.

Enrol me (my school) onto a workshop

Book here for London or the North East of England

Other locations in the UK coming soon - register interest in your area

Ways to volunteer

Currently there are two ways current medical students and doctors can get involved with the Makeit2Medicine workshops:

  1. You can volunteer to lead a workshop in one of our supported regions
  2. You can volunteer to generate and lead the workshops in your own area

Register interest in volunteering here.


(1)    Spence D (2008) Are there too many middle class doctors? British Medical Journal 336: 894.
(2) http://bma.org.uk/developing-your-career/medical-student/widening-participation
(3)    Greenhalgh T, Seyan K & Boynton P (2004) “Not a university type”: focus group study of social class, ethnic, and sex differences in school pupils’ perceptions about medical school. British Medical Journal328: 1541.