Fantastic. It is a truly unique and welcoming country that is rich in culture.
— Alex

Who are Medics2Mongolia?

Medic2Mongolia is a branch of M2MProjects. M2MProjects is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (charity number: 1153610).

M2MProjects' mission is to improve access to medical education (also see Makeit2Medicine).

Medics2Mongolia offers free and flexible medical elective placements to Mongolia where current medical students can spend longer than two weeks (length varies) practising and learning medicine in an exciting and rapidly developing country.

During these placements our medical students deliver structured English programs to Mongolian doctors, allowing them to consult with English-speaking patients, apply for conferences, fellowships and bursaries, and have access to the most up-to-date English medical resources to help improve healthcare.

Why Mongolia?

Medics2Mongolia was founded by three former medical students at Newcastle University; Sidney Parker, Ross Sayers and Matthew Brown. In the summer of 2012 we planned our own medical elective around a charity project (GoHelp) to drive 10,000 miles and deliver an ambulance to Mongolia, where they are in dire need of emergency vehicles.

We had an amazing and unique experience that we wanted to share and quickly realised there were a number of advantages to Mongolia, as a destination, held over many other countries for medical electives. Furthermore our market research found many medical students were paying extortionate fees for elective placements, with only one profitable company who offered placements, without the CV enhancing and rewarding teaching experiences.

Using the contacts we made in Mongolia we have managed to establish a number of free hospital placements each year in both urban and rural Mongolia for our students to enjoy.

Mongolia was fantastic, the people, the scenery, the endless tea.
— Meg

Meet the Team

Since our experience we have recruited crucial volunteers to help establish M2M and provide a sustainable platform for the future. Find out more about the structure of M2M and/or contact us to contribute.