Donate to M2M

Why do we need to raise funds?

Medics2Mongolia is run as a charitable organisation by busy doctors in their free time. Like most other charitable organisations we rely on fundraising efforts and the donations of those who share an interest in the work we do to keep M2M running smoothly.

The running of M2M by doctors as volunteers allows for all the money raised for M2M to be channeled back directly into the efforts of the charity itself. Funds are used for things such as website upkeep, legal fees and essential expenses – allowing the charity to continue working as normal and keeping the medical elective & education programme running. We are very careful to keep costs low and are committed to responsibility and accountability with how our funds are handled.

Any surplus funding is put into a fund, which we hope will eventually be used to contribute to local and national projects in Mongolia, helping Mongolian doctors and students to continue to learn English, subsidise our electives for UK students who might otherwise be unable to afford an enriching elective abroad, and provide opportunities for the best and brightest Mongolian medical students to come to the UK and experience the work of our healthcare system for themselves.

One particular charity we work very closely with is GoHelp who are committed to working with local communities in Central Asia to improve their access to education and healthcare services.

Want to help?

If you are interested in helping fundraise for M2M please get in touch with our Fundraising Coordinator via our contact form with the subject ‘Fundraising’.

We are interested in hearing about any fundraising opportunity ideas you may have, whether one-off events or something longer term.

You could team up with some of your Universities many societies and throw a night at the student union? Comedy nights often go down well or you could start weekly raffles at your chosen society?


If you prefer to donate or fundraise through JustGiving you can find our page here.

As part of our JustGiving campaign you can donate to Medics2Mongolia via text message.
Simply text: MEDS22 followed by the amount of money you wish to donate (either £1, £2, £3, £4, £5, or £10) to 70070 to make a difference.

For a longer, more involved role, you may consider working with Medics2Mongolia as an M2M Ambassador.

M2M Ambassadors

We are looking for enthusiastic people to get involved in promoting Medics2Mongolia by raising awareness of what we do and helping us to grow as an organisation. Maybe you’ve just returned from a placement, maybe you’re waiting to start one, or maybe you’re just interested in what we do and want to take part. All you need to provide is enthusiasm for our cause and a little spare time, in exchange we’ll give you the materials you need to fulfil your role as an ambassador and a reference on request regarding the work you have done with us.

For information please contact us via our contact form with the subject ‘Ambassadors’.