What do we expect?

Our mission focuses on helping students and doctors access medical education. The demand for the placements is currently extremely high worldwide. We do not have selection criteria to amend for this currently and attempt to provide all students with a tangible elective.  There are a few things that are necessary to help make this project safe and sustainable. We would hope all elective students understand before embarking on their journey of a lifetime:

  • We can only provide and schedule elective placements if given at the very least a months notice before embarking (please be aware that many of the placements may be taken at this point). See timetable for current availability.
  • You must commit at least two weeks to a hospital placement. Therefore if you want to go to two hospitals (e.g. urban and rural) then you must commit at least four weeks to the project. Obviously we want you to help for as long as you can but we appreciate that students will want to travel around Mongolia and other places. Please be open and do not seek to be dishonest with regards to elective sign-off. We can accommodate for travel with adequate time committed to the project.
  • All medical students are expected to help arrange teaching and produce material based on doctors feedback before and during their elective to help the Mongolian Teaching Project
  • We expect all students to attend allocated hospital placements and inform us of delays. Allocation is usually through a central point (Ulaanbaatar) unless agreed to go to the placement directly. You must be flexible and appreciate that due to the different culture and supply and demand of teaching that these placements may change
  • It is your responsibility to keep your university regularly updated
  • In order to help this project be sustainable (free for your peers for years to come) we would very much appreciate your help with raising awareness, fundraisingvolunteering and even becoming an ambassador at your university. This is not a necessity but if you agree to these on signing up then we do expect you to fulfil your promise. Be open and realistic so we know what to expect.
  • We expect all students before embarking to have adequate travel and medical indemnity insurance; complete their own forms (as much as they can) for your university prior, during and after their elective including health and safety forms; up-to-date health vaccinations and prophylaxis; visas (although we will attempt to aid with this)
  • M2MProjects and GoHelp are not liable for your safety and we urge for you to be careful. This being said, we hope you will find Mongolia a friendly, heart-warming place like we did.
  • We do ask that all students initially provide a refundable deposit of £100 upon confirmation of their placement - in order to secure their place with the project. Deposits are returnable in full upon confirmation of travel itinerary to Mongolia. Some students choose to donate a percentage of this deposit to the running of M2MProjects; obviously this would be greatly appreciated.
  • Please treat everyone within M2MProjects and GoHelp with respect and understanding; our volunteers endeavour to respond as quickly as possible
  • Our students should not practice medicine/surgery outside of your own capabilities and restrictions.
  • We expect our students to provide feedback on the elective process, upon completion of their medical placement. This allows us to iterate and improve our electives to the benefit of future students.
  • Although we endeavour to facilitate the very best medical placements for our students, making the necessary connections and attempting to match our students with enthusiastic professionals within their specialist field of interest, we ask our students to understand that this is not always possible and adapt appropriately. 

We hope you will join the many that have enjoyed the project- Sign up